Buncrana 3-12 Four Masters 3-6 : Buncrana minors get given a lot to cheer about

By Patrick Sharkey in O’Donnell Park,

Within the First minute, Four Masters brought their A-game but the shot went wide. A goal chance then went astray in the fourth minute. It took five minutes of constant lateral football from both sides before Callum Dunion converted a free to put Four Masters one point ahead. John Flannery was unlucky to have his goal chance be saved, but Four Masters still looked conformable. Dylan Mulholland then came to the rescue converting a Buncrana free.

Buncrana then got another point thanks to Dónal Og O’Brien. Dylan Mulholland was unlucky not to have his long-range shot go over in the 15th minute. Dylan Mulholland made up for it in the 16th minute firing over a free kick. It took until the 22nd minute but Conor McCahill got on the scoresheet for Four Masters scoring a goal. Another Dylan Mulholland point came with two minutes left of the first half putting Buncrana one point up. The half-time score read: Buncrana 0-5 Four Masters 1-1. It was a strong performance in midfield for Kevin Muldoon of Four Masters but a few more balls into the forwards and the Donegal Town lads could turn the game in their favour. Muldoon however showed everything he had by being able to stop into the hole and keep a good few Buncrana forwards quiet. Kevin showed his ability though to keep the half-backs in possession wearing blue.

Dónal Óg O’Brien and Jack Gill got themselves a goal each in the second half. to open up the scoring of the first two minutes in the second half. Connor McCahill then got a Four Masters pint before being cancelled out for a Daire McColgan point and goal for Buncrana. Daire McColgan then got himself another point in the 41st minute to put Buncrana 11 points ahead. Dylan Mulholland then converted another free kick and Buncrana got another point. Conor McCahill then managed to get another point from a Four Masters free. Kevin Muldoon probably wouldn’t get the same as the attackers working hard.

Dylan Mulholland however, converted a free kick to settle the deal and bring Buncrana ever closer to the All-County title. However, Kevin Muldoon then came out and got a goal for Four Masters with 10 minutes left. Conor MacCahill then managed to get another two masters points followed by Buncrana getting a point from Daire McColgan.

Dylan Mulholland then brought Buncrana into the game by getting a point before Kevin Dunnion got a Four Masters goal. Conor McCahill then however managed to get a Four Masters point which was cancelled out by Daire McColgan. Dylan Mulholland then managed to get his sixth point of the game to put Buncrana six points up with a minute left. The full- time score read Buncrana 3-12 Four Masters 3-6.

Buncrana scorers: Dylan Mulholland (0-5f, 0-2), Donal óg O Brien (1-1), Jack Gill (1-0), Daire McColgan (1-4)

Four Masters scorers: Callum Dunnion (1-0,0-1 f), Conor McCahill (1-2, 0-3f), Kevin Muldoon (1-0)


“I’ve got a sneaky feeling about Cork” – Fans make bold predictions for the weekend.

By Patrick Sharkey,

Episode 56: Westmeath aim to raid Orchard and send Saffrons packing The GAA Zone podcast

Welcome to the GAA Zone podcast on Anchor FM! In Episode 56, we fall deep into the thrilling world of Gaelic football. Join us as we focus on an upcoming clash that implies intense competition and captivating action. In this episode, titled "Westmeath Aim to Raid Orchard and Send Saffrons Packing," we look at an exciting match on the horizon. Our expert hosts analyse the strategies, key players, and historical context surrounding the clash between Westmeath and their formidable opponents, Armagh (known as the Orchard County) and Antrim (the Saffron). With fighting discussions and insightful analysis, we provide an in-depth understanding of the game, making this episode a must-listen for both die-hard fans and newcomers to Gaelic football. Tune in to discover. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/gaazone/message

Calling all sports enthusiasts and Gaelic football fans! Prepare to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Gaelic football with the latest episode of the GAA Zone podcast. In this thrilling instalment, we delve into the upcoming clash between Westmeath and two formidable opponents, Armagh (the Orchard County) and Antrim (the Saffron). Connect us as we uncover the strategies, key players, and intense rivalries that make this match a must-watch. The GAA have reiterated to units their rules.

In this highly anticipated episode, we bring you expert analysis, engaging discussions, and captivating insights into the world of Gaelic football. The expert this time round is Aaron Maher Prendergast.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to Gaelic football, this episode is packed with riveting content.  

Don’t miss out on the latest episodes of the GAA Zone podcast. Mr Maher Prendergast gives his backing to Louth as he says: “Yeah, it’s a hard one to know to be honest with you, because Louth obviously coming in on the back of a 21-point defeat to, to Dublin, Whereas Cork is obviously coming in, I suppose, with the ehm, obviously they got beat by Clare, but Cork, Cork have probably been waiting in the, the wings, for a walk, they obviously would have known, they would have been loud, the team they would have been playing. Ehm, so yeah like I think I think it’ll be a close one”.

Maher Prendergast added: “I’ve got a sneaky feeling about Cork but I think one thing we know about Cork is that they tend to raise their game when they play better teams but when they play the likes of Louth or know clearly their levels just seem to drop and I just don’t have much confidence that Cork can do that but to be honest with you I’d fancy I’d actually fancy Clare or sorry I’d fancy Louth to get the victory ehm so I think they’re at home as well aren’t they so I think they will be too strong for ehm for four. I think Mickey Harte will get the troops back on the side. Go and see how Cork is able to deal with Sam Mulroy or some of the other lads there. So yeah, I’d fancy Louth to win it.” Subscribe.  

Consolidate us on this audio journey as we explore the excitement, drama, and raw talent of Gaelic football. Aaron sees all that in the Armagh v Westmeath football clash saying: “Yeah I mean I don’t know if David Brady may be mentioned or maybe I suppose or maybe his plan was to actually mention the Westmeath hurlers and shock eh with Wexford and maybe that’s exactly what he was meant to say I don’t know but yeah I’d be very surprised to be honest with you to see you know sorry to wreck me cause any shocking and Armagh like they’re a division three side they barely won a game all year ehm won a couple of games in this mid-table threw a huge lead away versus Louth as well. Ehm they’ve been very poor all year Westmeath. They haven’t really kicked off the way we would have since eh Jack Cooney stepped away and Dessie Dolan came in. It just hasn’t been the same sort of Westmeath side so. Yeah, I just don’t see it. Like there’s a few things you could see cause a shock here or there like Sligo will come in good form against Kildare in fairness despite that kind of final off”.

“Waterford kind of set up very well” – McNamara impressed with the current state of Munster hurling.

By Patrick Sharkey,

Episode 56: Westmeath aim to raid Orchard and send Saffrons packing The GAA Zone podcast

Welcome to the GAA Zone podcast on Anchor FM! In Episode 56, we fall deep into the thrilling world of Gaelic football. Join us as we focus on an upcoming clash that implies intense competition and captivating action. In this episode, titled "Westmeath Aim to Raid Orchard and Send Saffrons Packing," we look at an exciting match on the horizon. Our expert hosts analyse the strategies, key players, and historical context surrounding the clash between Westmeath and their formidable opponents, Armagh (known as the Orchard County) and Antrim (the Saffron). With fighting discussions and insightful analysis, we provide an in-depth understanding of the game, making this episode a must-listen for both die-hard fans and newcomers to Gaelic football. Tune in to discover. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/gaazone/message
  1. Episode 56: Westmeath aim to raid Orchard and send Saffrons packing
  2. Episode 55: Wyane McNamara
  3. Episode 54: David Dempsey
  4. Episode 53: Managerial Merry Go Round
  5. Episode 52: Antrim hurling 2022

Get ready for an extraordinary episode of the GAA Zone Podcast! We are thrilled to announce that Episode 55 features an exclusive interview with none other than Wayne McNamara, a revered figure.

In this riveting conversation, Wayne McNamara shares his invaluable insights, offering listeners a unique perspective on the sport we all love. This was shown when Wayne McNamara was asked about the Limerick v Waterford game saying: “Yeah, like, it was at the game, like, obviously, like you know, it was an extremely close game.”

Mr McNamara added: “I thought Waterford kind of set up very well for Limerick, you know, ehm, they prevented obviously the running, the movement from the Limerick parks in terms of Bary Nash, or, or, Sean Finn kind of moving forward and Kyle Hayes, they were checking runs a lot, so that kind of gave him, gave a bit of the Waterford defence bit of breeding space, you know.”

“But Limerick hurled well, I thought they hurled extremely hard as they always do. Eh, they’re a bit fortunate enough with I suppose with the wides from Waterford, you can see that. That was kind of evident on the last day with Waterford again. But so, there were few lucky escapes in terms of ehm scores but still no it was a good game. First down in the league. Two weeks after the league final it’s hard mentally to sustain that. I’m Limerick could have been, I had to get up for a league semi-final up for a league final, but then do you know third game in a row, up for many championships, because there’s only two weeks in difference. And then I suppose, like we’ve seen against a player game, so there’s a bit of a lull, but like it’s eh goof first win. Tough game, but ehm, like again, probably showed that the kind of false insecurity, that the league can give you.”

“You know, like, you went by whatever 10 points against in the league final, close in 10 points in the league final and two weeks later, your, you’re struggling to get those scores and that has fluidity in your game you know. Eh just probably shows where the teams are at in terms of the league.” Prepare.  

As we engage with Wayne McNamara, we uncover his predictions for the future of Gaelic games.

Don’t miss out on this captivating episode of the GAA Zone Podcast! McNamara was impressed with the level of hurling on show between Clare and Limerick despite the Treaty failing to win saying: “Yeah, it is a good game of hurling. A fantastic game of hurling. I had everything, to be honest. Ehm thought like if you go back to last year, Limerick and Clare where I think, they’ve played three times and there was a waypoint in the scoring difference, so that’s the course of the three games you know? So, as you knew it was going to be a tight battle. Eh I know in the league this year Limerick and Clare played in the league; I think Clare put out a kind of a shadowboxing team, to be honest. Ehm and just played and basically gave up the on that game. But I think it was with a view to the game I just went to two weeks ago you know. Eh, Clare fine-sided. They worked extremely hard. They got the breaks. I think were the biggest where their biggest plus was shutting down Limerick, I think. Ehm Limerick didn’t have much of a platform than to get them into their strides you know. Eh and plus again let’s say then get a clear forward, worked extremely hard in preventing the runs from the Limerick backs that they were doing that were kind in coaching into the space to support the runners up forward and Limerick forward you know”.

“We are very badly depleted” – Noamh Bríd finds division two life difficult.

By Patrick Sharkey,

There was a lot of hope in Balintra in 2022 after Naomh Bríd got promoted from division three of the Donegal Club football league and planned for 2023 to be the year when Naomh Bríd put it up to the big boys in division two. Five games into the 2023 Marley Coaches Division two season and Naomh Brid struggle as they are yet to find their first win in the 2023 league. This was in full show tonight.

The Green and Blacks made the long journey to Buncrana but were unable to turn their fortunes.

Buncrana won the game on a scoreline of 3-11 to 0-6. Naomh Bríd manabger John Muprhy was well used to it.

Mr Murphy travelled to South Donegal having been involved in a Derrygonelly Harps team that won five Fermanagh senior football championships in a row but he has been finding it difficult to get wins.

Naomh Bríd trailed throughout the game and failed to really put it up to Buncrana. Murphy reflected on it by saying: “Here look at, it one of those games where we can’t really keep going about. We are very badly depleted at Naomh Bríd. I think we are missing a lot of good players now and look at it Buncrana are on a different level than us. You know they are probably between fitter and used to the standard of football. Coming up from division three, for a lot of these boys, here look at it, it is a learning curve for them to be honest with you. We are not going to lose heart. I still have a lot of belief in the boys. They are trying hard in training and look at it, all we can do is what we can do”.

John added: “We keep coming out. We keep the jersey, and we keep trying to play football the Naomh Bríd way. Look that is all we can do. Until the boys come back from being injured we get the full hand from being dealt with. It’s all we can do, keep showing up.” It was pouring down with heavy rain in the first 20 minutes but regardless of weather conditions, Buncrana was able to keep on going.

The Derrygonelly Harps man isn’t too fixated on the aim of staying up. The Fermanagh man said “It’s like anything else. First and foremost, get a performance. We have been performing well in patches at times.”

The referee added: “We have shown up at times but that level of consistency, we need to try and get a consistent performance first. Yes, the aim is to stay up but at the same time, it hasn’t been simple for us at the end of the day you know. Keep trying and that is all we can do and keep pushing on”.

John Murphy however was still proud of his team’s performance and wasn’t willing to single out any particular player. Mr Murphy said: “They really show their hand at times. They can’t really comment on that. There is more in them, to be honest with you. They have probably been harder in training than they have played in matches you know.” Buncrana isn’t expected to get a challenge that easy next time.

Murphy took up the role only this year and claims to know little to nothing about the club football.

Well not in Fermanagh but this is the first club management role for the Derrygonelly Harp man in Donegal. The Fermanagh man made it clear: “Well again I am just new to Naomh Bríd and I don’t know. Whatever has happened in the past stays in the past but then again the likes of Buncrana we are following here there and everywhere at times. They seem to have a group of young lads coming through. Naomh Brís from what I hear, there are a lot of people emigrating and stuff like that and that’s fair play.”

The referee added: Each person to their own but at the same time, a club like Noamh Bríd need to stick together and that kind of way you know. Keep pushing on.” Buncrana will play senior opposition next time round.

Red Hughs 0-8 Buncrana 1-12 – Red Hughs Fall to Buncrana in Hard-Fought Battle

By Patrick Sharkey at the Cross,

This was a satisfactory night at Red Hughs GAA headquarters for Buncrana, who collected Marley’s coaches’ Football League Division Three two points. It all fell into place for Buncrana.

Under Gary Duffy’s stewardship belief and momentum are being generated with the green, white and yellow supporters enjoying another triumph over Red Hughs. However, there were doubts whenever Red Hughs had the upper hand in the first half going in ahead by a point with a solid midfield.

The hard-earned manner of the win augurs well ahead of what promises to be a keenly contested Donegal Intermediate Football Championship. However, tonight’s game taught Red Hughs how important Jason Gallagher will be for them heading into the championship as he was free for most of the game as Buncrana played two men on the inside. Mr Gallagher made a difficult role look easy as he had to double up with Aaron McGinley for any two-footed attackers and was able to read the breaks off Thomas McMenamin and any big full forward Buncrana put up against them. Throughout the game, Gallagher, usually became the extra man as the rest of the team granted him a licence to join the attack.

Red Hughs will reflect on a string of missed goalscoring opportunities with Buncrana custodian Harry Doherty an influential figure. One man who fell victim to this would have been James Carlin. This doesn’t mean Mr.Carlin had a bad game as he was the key player in the transition from defence to attack for Red Hughs. Carlin was always present on the 40 when Red Hughs needed him to be. James showed tonight that he was elusive, a great passer and could maximise space. Buncrana was left with a choice between following him or sitting in the space he vacates. Buncrana tried both.

Donegal U20 star Crawford also got a point for Buncrana from open play. This was gut-wrenching for all the efforts put in by Red Hughs until that moment.

Ultimately that was the difference between the teams with the Buncrana faithful in the 45, 041 crowd saluting the victory with a throaty roar at the end of a tight game. Red Hughs kept the game tight thanks to an integral role played by Darragh McMenamin. Mr McMenamin was the key player.

The opening quarter provided plenty of encouraging evidence for Buncrana, who face Naomh Bríd in the Donegal league next Saturday. However it was actually Red Hughs who scored more and despite not getting on the score sheet, James Carlin was a big influence in it and was the key to unlocking the Buncrana defence. Mr Carlin achieved this by winning most of his individual battles. Carlin dominated.
During that effective Buncrana burst Gary Duffy’s outfit accumulated a 0-3 to 0-1 disadvantage. It was only a matter of time however before Darrach O Connor showed his magic by scoring 1-3.

Matthew Mulholland was thundering forward impressively; John McKenna and Micheal Bernard McLaughlin craved involvement; Harry Doherty carried a threat inside. The man behind all of this!
At the opposite end of the field, Buncrana was restricting Red Hughs, forcing a couple of turnovers.
When Campbell rifled over a sweet 16th-minute effort Buncrana was down by one, but Red Hughs summoned a brave response. It meant absolutely nothing though as Aedan Stokes put in a good shift at the back playing as the extra man. Well, he was free whenever Red Hughs played two men on the inside. It may have been a difficult role but Mr.Skokes pulled his weight whenever he doubled up with Adrian McColgan for any two-footed attackers coming after them and showed that he could read important breaks.

Jack GIllespie and John Campbell were the only two who scored in the second half as Red Hughs went in ahead by a point. it meant nothing as Buncrana flexed their muscles with an seven point victory at full time.

Red Hughs scorers: Jack Gillespie 0-5,5f; Calvin Bradley 0-1; Cathair Browne 0-1.

Buncrana scorers: John Campbell 0-5,2f,1m; Darach O’Connor 1-3; Sean McLaughlin 0-1; Adrian Doherty 0-1; Oisin Crawford 0-1. Liam Jordan 0-1.

Red Hughs: Luke Kelly; Aaron McGinley, Thomas McMenamin, Jason Callaghan; Shane Gallagher, Gareth McGill; Darragh McMenamin, Jack Gillespie; Peadar McGlinchey, Odheran Doherty, James Carlin; James Doherty, Calvin Bradley, Michael McMenamin.

Subs: Cathair Browne for M McMenamin (44); Gerard Melaugh for Callaghan (50); Luke Browne for McGill (56).

Buncrana: Harry Doherty; Adrian McColgan, Sean Doherty, Aedan Stoc; John Paul McKenna, William McLaughlin, Oisin Crawford; Peter McLaughlin, Michael Bernard McLaughlin; Adrian Doherty, Sean McLaughlin, Matthew Mulholland; Liam Jordan, John Campbell, Darach O’Connor.

Subs: Jamie Friel for McKenna (50).

Referee: Val Murray (Aodh Ruadh).

Man of the Match: Darragh McMenamin and Gareth McGill held their own in the half back line for Red Hughes and Matthew Mullholland and Adrian McColgan ran the show for Buncrana but the man of the match had to go to the Buncrana sharpshooter John Campbell. Mr.Campbell scored 0-5,2f,1m. However Campbell brought more than his shooting boots as he played the same role as Liam Jordan in which he was able to anticipate any of the high and diagonal balls coming into him. Johns actions led to crucial goal chances and he would have felt unlucky not to have got on the end of Darrach O’Connors goal.