“Waterford kind of set up very well” – McNamara impressed with the current state of Munster hurling.

By Patrick Sharkey,

Episode 56: Westmeath aim to raid Orchard and send Saffrons packing The GAA Zone podcast

Welcome to the GAA Zone podcast on Anchor FM! In Episode 56, we fall deep into the thrilling world of Gaelic football. Join us as we focus on an upcoming clash that implies intense competition and captivating action. In this episode, titled "Westmeath Aim to Raid Orchard and Send Saffrons Packing," we look at an exciting match on the horizon. Our expert hosts analyse the strategies, key players, and historical context surrounding the clash between Westmeath and their formidable opponents, Armagh (known as the Orchard County) and Antrim (the Saffron). With fighting discussions and insightful analysis, we provide an in-depth understanding of the game, making this episode a must-listen for both die-hard fans and newcomers to Gaelic football. Tune in to discover. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/gaazone/message
  1. Episode 56: Westmeath aim to raid Orchard and send Saffrons packing
  2. Episode 55: Wyane McNamara
  3. Episode 54: David Dempsey
  4. Episode 53: Managerial Merry Go Round
  5. Episode 52: Antrim hurling 2022

Get ready for an extraordinary episode of the GAA Zone Podcast! We are thrilled to announce that Episode 55 features an exclusive interview with none other than Wayne McNamara, a revered figure.

In this riveting conversation, Wayne McNamara shares his invaluable insights, offering listeners a unique perspective on the sport we all love. This was shown when Wayne McNamara was asked about the Limerick v Waterford game saying: “Yeah, like, it was at the game, like, obviously, like you know, it was an extremely close game.”

Mr McNamara added: “I thought Waterford kind of set up very well for Limerick, you know, ehm, they prevented obviously the running, the movement from the Limerick parks in terms of Bary Nash, or, or, Sean Finn kind of moving forward and Kyle Hayes, they were checking runs a lot, so that kind of gave him, gave a bit of the Waterford defence bit of breeding space, you know.”

“But Limerick hurled well, I thought they hurled extremely hard as they always do. Eh, they’re a bit fortunate enough with I suppose with the wides from Waterford, you can see that. That was kind of evident on the last day with Waterford again. But so, there were few lucky escapes in terms of ehm scores but still no it was a good game. First down in the league. Two weeks after the league final it’s hard mentally to sustain that. I’m Limerick could have been, I had to get up for a league semi-final up for a league final, but then do you know third game in a row, up for many championships, because there’s only two weeks in difference. And then I suppose, like we’ve seen against a player game, so there’s a bit of a lull, but like it’s eh goof first win. Tough game, but ehm, like again, probably showed that the kind of false insecurity, that the league can give you.”

“You know, like, you went by whatever 10 points against in the league final, close in 10 points in the league final and two weeks later, your, you’re struggling to get those scores and that has fluidity in your game you know. Eh just probably shows where the teams are at in terms of the league.” Prepare.  

As we engage with Wayne McNamara, we uncover his predictions for the future of Gaelic games.

Don’t miss out on this captivating episode of the GAA Zone Podcast! McNamara was impressed with the level of hurling on show between Clare and Limerick despite the Treaty failing to win saying: “Yeah, it is a good game of hurling. A fantastic game of hurling. I had everything, to be honest. Ehm thought like if you go back to last year, Limerick and Clare where I think, they’ve played three times and there was a waypoint in the scoring difference, so that’s the course of the three games you know? So, as you knew it was going to be a tight battle. Eh I know in the league this year Limerick and Clare played in the league; I think Clare put out a kind of a shadowboxing team, to be honest. Ehm and just played and basically gave up the on that game. But I think it was with a view to the game I just went to two weeks ago you know. Eh, Clare fine-sided. They worked extremely hard. They got the breaks. I think were the biggest where their biggest plus was shutting down Limerick, I think. Ehm Limerick didn’t have much of a platform than to get them into their strides you know. Eh and plus again let’s say then get a clear forward, worked extremely hard in preventing the runs from the Limerick backs that they were doing that were kind in coaching into the space to support the runners up forward and Limerick forward you know”.


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